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The Flooring Network represents an association of strong, knowledgeable, and local independent flooring retailers across the Northeast.

The purpose of the Flooring Network is to empower our retailers to succeed in an evolving marketplace. We provide all things flooring as well as ongoing product knowledge, merchandising materials, industry tips, and most importantly real value. 


The Flooring Network was founded in 1992 by the president of NRF Distributors. It brings over 40 years of experience allowing us to help our retailers maximize their operational efficiencies and enhance the customer service experience.


Our Services

Our Commitment

Premium Products

Our Flooring Network members have access to premium products not available in big box stores.



As local independent retailers, Flooring Network members pride themselves on having the knowledge and trustworthiness to help every customer.



With a diverse array of products and strong vendor alliances, Flooring Network members are able to help find your dream floor on any budget.

Ready to shop?

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Top Benefits of Shopping with a Flooring Network Member

  • Customer service is more personalized, hands-on and noteworthy from smaller local businesses.

  • Inventory is not always more easily available at big box stores.

  • Product diversity and options are often greater at small businesses vs. chain stores.

  • Receive professional, very knowledgeable service and expert flooring recommendations.  

  • More willing to negotiate pricing.

  • Local business owners are more likely to give back to your community.

  • Your local Flooring Network retailer is dedicated to providing superior service and a one stop shopping experience.

Use our dealer locator to find a Flooring Network member near you, or start shopping online with our product portfolio.
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